how to stop AS

The truth about AS 

The truth is that AS is caused by an immune response to a tiny bacterium called Klebsiella which we all have in our gut flora. However, 96% of AS sufferers are also carriers of the HLA-B27 gene, and so when an AS patient is infected by Klebsiella bacteria, his or her immune system will make antibodies against all the antigens or molecules found in the microbe, but because some of the bacterial antigens resemble self-tissues, the anti-bacterial antibodies will attack not only the bacteria but also the self-tissues such as joints and the cells that have the same HLA molecules, which is how AS starts. This is the concept of molecular similarity or “molecular mimicry”, hence the auto immune process begins. In patients not suffering from AS and who do not possess the HLA-B27 gene, the hosts immune system would naturally cull the number of Klebsiella bacterium without causing an auto immune response.

This theory is supported by extensive and specific immunological studies which have been carried out over the last 40 years across 17 different countries that measure anti-Klebsiella antibodies by a variety of methods and have involved over 1,000 AS patients in 40 different investigations. All these investigations have been recently reviewed and gave the same results. Active AS patients have elevated levels of antibodies to the bowel microbe Klebsiella and do not have elevated levels of antibodies to other microbes.

However, the good news is that by reducing the quantities of Klebsiella bacteria in the colon, should in time result in your AS symptoms disappearing. So, you may ask how do I do that? Well one of the main ways is by depriving the bacteria of its primary food source STARCH! 

Therefore, a simple “low starch diet” was devised by the Middlesex Hospital in London, the main emphasis being in advising AS patients to significantly reduce their intake of bread, cakes, pasta, potatoes and rice.

This was discovered by eminent Professor, Alan Ebringer, who observed that patients who cut starch out of their diet in order to lose weight also saw an improvement in arthritic conditions. 

In the video below, StopAS founder Sean Codling discusses this incredible discovery and the impact on AS patients with Professor Alan Ebringer. If you're an AS sufferer, we urge you to watch this highly informative interview.


Diet is the key factor. AS is triggered by Klebsiella bacteria, which needs starch to thrive. The first step is to significantly reduce starch from your diet. This means in the first instance to stop eating bread, cakes, pasta, potatoes and rice, but you can eat as much meat, fish, vegetables and fruit as you like.

You'll need to be strict in adhering to this, but just think of the benefits in regaining control of your life and without medication. Toast in the morning versus a life without pain? We appreciate this requires a shift in mindset, but to help, you can find delicious starch-free recipes in our resources section.

but I can't live without my toast


Keeping mobile is vital but we know how difficult and exhausting it can be for AS sufferers. In the resources section you'll find a series of simple exercises designed for people with restricted mobility. Combined with our starch-free recipes this will give you a solid framework for your rehabilitation and lasting relief from AS symptoms.


Taking control of your AS requires changing learnt behaviours and modifying your lifestyle accordingly. We understand this can be difficult for many people. Giving up something as simple as wheat can prove a serious challenge. Bread for instance is the cornerstone of a western diet, we even call it “the staff of life”, and so cutting it out of your diet requires a serious shift in mindset. 

we're here to support you


It can be a difficult journey, but we're here to support and guide you through it. We offer one-to-one mentoring both in person and online. Please get in touch via the contacts page if you'd like to arrange a consultation. Combined with our other resources like starch-free recipes and simple exercises you can take back full control of your AS and lead a life which isn't blighted by poor mobility and be free from arthritic pain.