To share my own research and help publicise the extensive scientific studies provided by Professor Alan Ebringer with other Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) sufferers, to empower them to take control and overcome the debilitating symptoms of this disease and go on to lead a full, active life and preferably without the need for medication. Read our article in What Doctors Don't Tell You Magazine.


To raise awareness of the ability to StopAS via lifestyle and enable sufferers to “get their life back”, which really is the most incredible feeling. Diet is a major trigger, but there are other factors too. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to overcoming your condition via the four key factors below.


This is the key trigger. AS is caused by a tiny bacterium originating from your gut flora called Klebsiella. This can be controlled primarily via your diet.

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Keeping your joints mobile is vital, but we know how difficult that can be. That's why we've designed a programme of simple moves which you can do at home.

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We all lead busy lives and altering lifelong habits can be difficult. However, adjusting your mindset and making small lifestyle changes can pay vast dividends.

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You can't do it alone, that's why we're here to support and steer you around the obstacles. Whether it be dietary, physical or lifestyle we'll be on hand to help and as a fellow AS sufferer I have huge sympathy for your pain and understand how daunting this can all feel.

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